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The Magic of Michael Tulkoff
The Magic of Michael Tulkoff
The Magic of Michael Tulkoff
The Magic of Michael Tulkoff
Contact info - USA
Telephone: (443) 216-9488
If I can't answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You!
Contact info - ISRAEL
PO Box 568, Rehovot
76100 ISRAEL
Telephone: 0545-902-994
Outside Israel: 972-545-902-994

What if children could truly have their lives impacted for the better by a magic show? It just might be that performance is one day a reason for saving their lives.

Imagine a magician who steps into the thick aired atmosphere of an Intensive Care Unit. He engages families whose loved one is in a coma or enwrapped in tubes, sensors and life support systems. Despite it all he is able to connect in a manner of humaneness and compassion that actually helps those in pain cope better by infusing hope and a positive will.

Think of a speech where you do not sit and merely listen but you are actively engaged as you laugh, maybe gasp or even feel astonished. You may even shed a tear. Perhaps you join the speaker up front or feel as one with an audience member who assists the magical presenter.

When do you have the unique opportunity to hear about the genuine everyday people in the Middle East, not politicians, and how they interact when their children are hospitalized? Learn about us when we are under one roof, with the same singular goal of life, of health and of love for children and patients.

You can experience any or all of this. Tour around this website.
Read some of the press, take in some of the photographs and then contact Michael Tulkoff. The world is his stage and he can be brought to your event.

Shalom and Blessings Upon You.
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